Welcome to the New Normal. Population: All of Us!

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Teachers are working hard to adjust their curriculum and teaching styles to accommodate remote learning. Meanwhile, parents everywhere have been thrust into the role of remote educator: having to help teach their children from home with widely varying tools.  

Intel has always been a trusted partner in education, thankfully offering the beloved K-12 Blueprint. As a response to the extraordinary circumstances of the times, Intel is launching the Intel Online Learning Initiative. This initiative provides support to students without access to technology by providing them devices as well as online learning resources.

The COVID-19 crisis has provided an opportunity for teachers to explore what elearning truly offers. Hopefully, teachers are realizing the benefits of remaining connected with students during this time through technology tools and helping their students connect with digitally rich content. The Educator’s Guide to Elearning walks teachers through preparing their virtual classrooms, adapting their lessons for elearning, as well as exploring innovative skill developments, design thinking, social emotional learning, and more.

These have not only been challenging times for school students and teachers, but parents have also been tasked with becoming homeschool teachers overnight. Intel respects this challenge and offers them The Parent’s Guide to Remote Learning. This resource provides parents with tips, ideas, curated resources, and ample encouragement to provide children with high-quality learning experiences at home. It can be overwhelming juggling working from home and managing your child’s schooling at home, yet this guide will help parents to set up rich at-home learning routines that will engage the entire family. Educators with deep expertise in virtual and blended learning environments wrote the guide and it is full of great ideas that are economical and engaging!

In this time of uncertainty, it is nice to know these resources can provide support and structure to an unsteady world.

Dr. Kecia Ray has a long and storied career as an education evangelist: conducting research, designing technology and cultivating innovation. Learn more about her work at K20Connect and follow Dr. Ray on Twitter.

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