Dr. S Dallas Dance

Dr. S. Dallas Dance is the superintendent of Baltimore County Public Schools (BCPS). Since assuming this role in 2012, Dr. Dance has united students, staff and the community into Team BCPS, a powerful force committed to producing globally competitive graduates, and spearheaded the development of Blueprint 2.0, a five-year strategic plan focused on improving academics, safety, communication and organizational effectiveness. As superintendent of the 25th largest school system in the nation, Dr. Dance is responsible for overseeing the instruction of 110,000 students and leading and managing a $1.6 billion budget, 19,000 employees, and 173 schools, centers and programs.


In the last few years, education technology has grown from an innovative new trend to a key component of the modern classroom. Technology prepares students to be competitive in today’s workforce – and for the jobs of tomorrow that don’t yet exist – by providing opportunities to learn vital skills such as critical thinking, communication, collaboration and digital literacy.

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