Kailey Rhodes

As a former middle school teacher, Kailey is passionate about pursuing educational solutions that keep students at the forefront of their learning experience. She has taken this passion beyond the classroom to various onsite and virtual classrooms of teachers around the world, having authored and piloted various curricula and led webinars on both education technology as well as pedagogical issues such as curriculum writing and teaching grammar. Kailey has also developed customized instruction for both technical topics and pedagogical practices, articulating the “Why?” behind specific adult learning initiatives while responding in real-time to individual learning needs, styles, and proficiency level.


The Maker Movement is all about options: what would you like to create? How best would you like to express that project? What materials and tools would help bring about your desired results? It makes sense then that our professional learning around makerspaces should be as equally diverse and customizable. Below, explore different mediums for growing your own maker capacity.


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