Michael Stanton

Dr. Michael Stanton is the Founding Principal and Director of nex+Gen Academy, a small School of Choice in Albuquerque Public Schools. nex+Gen is a member of the New Tech Network. He earned his Ph.D in 2009 from the University of New Mexico, College of Education in Organizational Learning and Instructional Technology with a minor in Educational Leadership. His school is an Exemplary School and Demonstration Site for wall-to-wall project and problem based learning, smart use of technology in a 1 to 1 setting, and a learning community and cultural that develops and supports core values and enduring skills in agency, collaboration, inquiry and analysis, and communication. 


Measurable success can be found in one to one schools! Read Michael Stanton's post about implementation and results at nex+Gen Academy.  


For school leaders, many choices come in to play when bolstering one-to-one programs. Learn about how nex+Gen found built the right mix of resources for teaching and learning. 


Learn about nex+Gen’s approach to one-to-one and how building a common school-wide culture fostered student success.


Five years after his school first went one-to-one, a high school principal shares a building-level perspective on starting and maintaining a successful initiative.

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