15 Essential Future Proofing Strategies and “Do Now” Activities

CEO and founder of Innovative Educator Consulting

Let’s get started and put on our designer hats to experience 15 essential “future proofing” and “do now” activities and strategies to inspire new critical thinking and reflection! 

#1 School X

Purchase the “School X” book written by principal Jethro Jones from Fairbanks, Alaska, and engage your TALENT in a creative virtual book study using VOXER. Jethro provides insightful transformational and designer strategies on how to create learning environment experiences as seen through the eyes of our students, teachers, and parents.

#2 Be Present

Review the current research of today’s Generation Z and Gen Alpha students and identify three engagement factors of interest of what motivates and engages them. Actively listen to the needs of your students and ask them how and  where they learn best, and what instructional and facilitation changes should be made to accommodate the needs of today’s learners.

#3 Relationships, Relationships, Relationships!

Improve the quality of your staff’s communication and collaboration. Invest, focus, and model with strategies of the importance of why for SEL, educator self care, and building a stronger community of compassion-based learners. Gratitude learning moments and learning celebrations should be a part of every staff development meeting.

#4 Blended Learning Experiences

Showcase exemplar models of what blended learning practices can look and feel like. Model the creative balance of unplugged and tech-enhanced teaching activities to reach and meet the abilities of all students.

#5 Virtual Rotation Stations


#6 Effective Classroom Management

Take control of your online learning classroom with modeling clear, concise, and consistent blended learning expectations. Inspire your students to be co-creators and co-designers in their classroom “norms” of agreements or learning contracts to build a stronger learning community.

#7 Less is More

Think like an entrepreneur and design like an engineer. Design your blended learning lessons and activities with bite-sized chunks of content in mind to maintain high interests of engagement with all students, yet diving deeper into content rich learning experiences.

#8 Learner-centered Innovation


#9 Learning Should Be Better Than Chocolate

Identify two or three new ideas to remix from an existing lesson, and transform your traditional lesson into a learning menu of goodness or differentiated choice board activity to level up your students' learning and improve engagement.

#10 Students as Peer Coaches

Get out of your comfort zone and think about the possibilities of student-led facilitated online webinars, flipped teaching activities, or student created peer coaching sessions.

#11 Student Agency

Personalize learning with real-world career-focused adventures for your students of “Invest In What Is Next” or “Career Village” to jump start your students' next passion-based learning project

#12 Authentic Assessment


#13 Global Learning Experiences

Personalize the learning experiences for your students by participating in a global collaboration project to learn from students from around the globe or bring in a virtual speaker through Skype a Classroom or Skype a Scientist.

#14 Design Thinking

Have your students identify a problem they are experiencing, and— through collaborative teams—solve the problem utilizing the design thinking learning process. They too can become co-creators, co-designer, and advocates of their own learning experiences.

#15 #ShutTheTechOff

Yes, I said it: take a mental brain break from all the tech. Give back moments of quietude and calm in your life to find a healthy work-life-balance. Invest in yourself, and pursue that passion-driven interest or project that has been put on the back burner for a quite a while. Make a point to invest in yourself, your family, and your passion-based interest each and every day. 


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