Finding Balance to Find Your Purpose: Part Three

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Gratitude is the quality of being thankful, and models the readiness to show appreciation for—and to return a gift of—kindness. So what gratitude examples can you practice personally and professionally to find a better sense of balance and purpose in your life? Well, look no further! Here are many successful practices to start implementing gratitude into each day of the week!

Motivation Mondays

Transformation Tuesdays

  • LISTEN to understand without interrupting the speaker.
  • ACCEPT with not knowing all of the answers.
  • CELEBRATE the tiny joys around you to enjoy the moment.
  • REDUCE distractions and take a break from the digital world.
  • FEEL your feelings and listen to your body.
  • SAVOR your rituals and your “me time.”
  • REFLECT on your day and celebrate your learning and teaching wins.
  • SHARE a “Tech Tip Tuesday” to inspire your team.

Wellness Wednesdays

  1. 50 Self-care Ideas for Educators
  2. Happy Teachers Practice Self-care
  3. Me Too Activity
  4. Mentor Hat Jamboard Activity
  5. Naomi’s SEL and Building Community Resources
  6. Naomi’s Unique Individual You Activities and Template
  7. Self-Care Action Plan Template
  8. SEL Monthly Calendar of Ideas
  9. We Are Teachers SEL Activities
  10. Wide Open School SEL Activities

Thankful Thursdays

Start and end your day with a moment of gratitude through an action:

  1. JOURNAL or quick-write a morning reflection of gratitude.
  2. SEND a quick text of kindness to a friend or family member.
  3. WRITE a thankful note/card to a loved one, and place it in the mailbox.
  4. CREATE a Thank You Post-It note, and place it inside a loved one’s laptop, on the bathroom mirror, on the car seat, or the TV remote.
  5. GIVING THANKS daily community building activities
  6. STUDENTS' WRITE “You Matter and I Care” cards to senior citizens.
  7. STUDENTS' DESIGN a gratitude box to collect grateful prompts.
  8. STUDENTS' CREATE SEL class writing prompts to build community.
  9. STUDENTS' MAKE a personal gratitude calendar, and document their daily appreciation.

Need more journal ideas? Checkout the 10 minute journal of ideas blogpost from Cristie Zimmer to access and download free and low-cost gratitude journals that will transform your thinking and everyday outlook on your well being. And journaling affects these five main areas of SEL:

  • Improves self-awareness
  • Provides perspective
  • Allows you to respond, not react
  • Facilitates a deeper level of learning
  • Improves your learning confidence

Fun Fridays

  1. 5 Minute Remote Connectors
  2. Books To Enjoy - We Are One World Padlet
  3. Bucket Dippers and Lids Book
  4. Gratitude pipe cleaner game
  5. LEGO gratitude brick game
  6. Have You Filled A Bucket Today?
  7. Inspired Student Activities
  8. Life Skills Game Guide
  9. New 20 Check-in Questions
  10. TED Talks on Happiness

Finding balance in your life is more important than ever when you are in an educator and administrative leadership role, so it is important to take care of yourself. Please review the Finding Balance slide deck to enhance and practice prioritizing your SEL, self-care, gratitude strategies!

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