The 2020 GitHub Education Classroom Report

2020 GitHub Education Classroom Report
GitHub—the largest and most advanced development platform in the world—has just released its 2020 GitHub Education Classroom Report.
GitHub reached out to roughly 1.13 million students belonging to GitHub Education programs, and—of those—7,070 students and 165 faculty responded to the survey. The questions pertained to technical education, and its evolving frameworks, languages, and workflows. The 2020 GitHub Education Classroom Report captures key insights into the student developer toolchain, how students are learning real-world workflows, and expectations around technical coursework.  
Some highlights from the report include:
  • Browser-based tools are growing in popularity for small, discrete tasks.
  • Younger developers will expect their potential workplaces to offer remote work (and use GitHub).
  • For remote classrooms, faculty report struggling with student engagement and monitoring student progress.
The 2020 GitHub Education Classroom Report builds upon GitHub’s knowledge base from 2019 to learn more about the experience students have in transitioning from school to industry.
Read the full report here.