The Right Windows Device for K-12 Education

Technology continues to be a profound driver of change in education.  Although the implementation models vary—from one-to-one, to BYOD, to computers-on-carts—the goal has remained the same: to use technology and other tools to better engage students and improve learning outcomes. This means schools have to be even more aware of their device needs, instructional goals, and the specific curricular demands placed on technology.
The education team at Intel® hired Clarity Innovations to research and develop this report. We began by creating a set of learning scenarios across four classroom grade bands—K-2, 3-5, 6-8, and 9-12—along with a scenario focused on educator professional development activities. Our intent w as to create authentic lessons that reflect typical classroom practices and activities—ones that are repeated day-in and day-out across all types of schools. 
This paper explores the effects of processor performance on productivity and total cost of ownership of student and educator devices.