Kevin Schwartz

Kevin Schwartz serves as the Technology Officer for Learning and Systems for Austin ISD, a district of 83,000 students. He brings a CETL certification and 20+ years of experience in K-12 to the district’s challenge to, “Reinvent the Urban Education Experience.” Beyond Austin ISD, he invests his professional energy in CoSN and the TX K-12 CTO Council. Currently, he is the Past Chair of the Council and actively serves on the CoSN SEND and SmartIT committees. Kevin has been named as Winner of the TEAM Award in 2013 and the Grace Hopper Award as the Outstanding CTO in Texas in 2016. Kevin is a frequent presenter and a consultant to school districts that seek transformational changes in learning through technology. He serves on multiple industry CIO Advisory Panels. Kevin can also be found on Twitter at @AISD_Reinvent


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Monitoring results – and costs – might be important but how often are the questions about a program’s effectiveness really an excuse for avoiding change?

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