Accelerating Learning with Workplace Math Skills

Young girl in classroom

A recent report focused on the impact of the pandemic on literacy and math skills in students from kindergarten through eighth grade showed that while literacy skills were “modestly” impacted, math skills were “substantially” impacted. Results for schools in low socio-economic status areas showed larger skills gaps, exacerbating historical racial and economic inequities.

Learning gaps can be narrowed using tools that empower students to learn in more personalized and self-directed ways. For example, Math Assistant in OneNote for Education provides multiple input options (digitally inked or typed); the ability to have equations read aloud in multiple languages; step-by-step process explanations; and student-created practice quizzes. All of these features are free and built in to OneNote, which means no additional downloads. To support learners who may move between internet connected and unconnected locations, key features work online and offline.

We know that potential is equally distributed, but opportunity is not. So, tools like Math Assistant can make a difference in the effort to close the opportunity gap and accelerate learning for all. When all students have the ability to practice with support, self-assess their skills, and review their actions to improve, they feel more confident in their abilities and in more control of their learning.

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