Enhancing K–12 Math Instruction with Generative AI

Female teacher helps a student on a laptop

Modern educators are tasked with developing learning materials and supplemental resources on-demand, and must adapt this content to address each student’s unique abilities or interests.

The potential of generative AI suggests a future where educators can quickly and easily utilize AI for a variety of these tasks to support efficiency, provide individualized instruction, and better meet their learners’ needs.

In a profession where time is always limited, AI tools can help educators reclaim valuable time that can be redirected towards building relationships with students and improving learning outcomes. Based on the research and testing in this study—Enhancing K–12 Math Instruction with Generative AI—Bing Chat has more features that support teaching and learning than Google Bard for educators who want to use generative AI for math instruction. Microsoft Bing Chat also provides a more comprehensive and useful platform for using AI to create, customize, and facilitate learning materials than Google Bard.

Download now to see how Microsoft Bing Chat compares to Google Bard in supporting math instruction.

Enhancing K–12 Math Instruction with Generative AI