New State of EdTech Leadership 2020 Survey Report

New State of EdTech Leadership 2020 Survey Report
The annual CoSN EdTech Leadership Survey has just been released! Here are some highlights:
* In regards to maintaining network security, 69% of districts say they are proactive or very proactive
* The majority (55%) of IT Leaders anticipate that AI will play a significant or transformational role in teaching and learning
* Ninety-six (96%) of IT leaders consider digital equity a priority
* Nearly three quarters (74%) of respondents have responsibilities that encompass both educational and administrative technology
* A large majority (75%) of IT Leaders are consistently involved in making decisions about digital content 
Education professionals can always count on the survey for valuable information regarding technology usage, so that IT leaders can make better, more relevant decisions moving forward.
Be sure to read the annual CoSN EdTech Leadership Survey— sponsored by Ed-Fi Alliance and CDW.G, and conducted in partnership with MDR amd Forecast5— and see how edtech professionals have transformed themselves from IT specialists into strategic leaders.

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